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Sample Book Page for
Under the Lemon Tree

Web-comic_8.5x11_large-Under_The_Lemon_Tree_a.png This is a sample page from the 8.5" x 11.5" book of the webcomic Under the Lemon Tree, a Black-and-White comic. Notice that the left and right margins are the same. In this book the margins are large enough that the margin towards the binding is out far enough that the reader doesn't have to bend the binding to the breaking point to read text and see art on the binding side of the page, regardless of whether the page is even or odd in numbering. This approach makes planning easy as the author does not need to remember which pages are even numbered with the margin on the right, or odd numbered with margins on the left. It does look a little odd when you have the book open, though, and we suggest to authors that they take the extra effort to plan for a larger inside margin to make it looks more professional. Also, if you use different margins between the gutter and the outside trim edge you can make your comics a bit larger and therefore easier for the reader to see.

Artwork in Under the Lemon Tree is copyrighted material, and all rights belong to the author/artist.

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